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CtrlShift hires new Senior Director of Business Development in Malaysia

CtrlShift, a global audience-focused marketing solutions company, has hired Khairul Syahar Khalid as Senior Director of Business Development in Malaysia to take a leadership role to deliver CtrlShift’s solution-oriented model to Malaysian and regional CMOs – offering strategic digital advertising, marketing consultation and ad tech advisory.

Mr Khalid is a Malaysian marketing and advertising veteran with over 16 years of experience in the industry. He is a digital expert, having led and managed the digital transformation of Malaysian Airlines as well as accelerated the digital transformation of Nestle Malaysia. Mr Khalid sits on the Malaysian Advertisers Association (MAA) council and on the Malaysian Audit Bureau of Circulation board.

Deepika Nikhilender, CEO of CtrlShift, said, “CtrlShift’s approach is to offer simple, elegant solutions based on audience data to deliver highly targeted digital campaigns that engage with customers throughout their digital journey, across multiple channels, while demystifying the fragmented and confusing ad tech ecosystem. We fundamentally believe in providing solutions which go to the heart of solving marketer challenges, rather than executing a stand-alone media-buy or selling a narrowly-focused piece of ad tech.

“We are thrilled to have Syahar to on board to further develop and grow our solutions-oriented practice. Syahar, with all of his first-hand marketing experience, will be a great asset in helping our clients deconstruct complexities, design outcome-based solutions and execute omni-channel strategies. He can aid them to transform their approach to marketing and the way they define, find and connect with their audiences online.” concluded Ms Nikhilender.

CtrlShift provides solutions which focus on connecting brands with their relevant audiences through its managed services and through its proprietary smart media-investment and trading platform, The Hub. The company offers its solution-focused model across all its other Southeast Asian operations in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines.

Mr Khalid said, “I’ve been blessed to have worked closely with top global brands, agencies, publishers, creators and other players in the marketing ecosystem. Through these experiences I’ve gained a deep understanding of how to leverage data, technology and content in a targeted and agile manner to deliver impactful marketing campaigns. I believe CtrlShift’s cutting edge platform, The Hub, and its marketer-solutions expertise puts them in an amazing position to bring Malaysian marketers to the forefront of digital, either by working directly with them or through their marketing partners.”

Mr Khalid’s hire is in line with CtrlShift’s strategy to build a high calibre senior team to provide expert, quality and trusted counsel to executive level decision-makers within client organisations.