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Data pick of the day: 54% adblocker users find news from social media

Like the average internet user, ad-blocker users are more likely to say they consume news through social media than via publishers’ websites (even if the figures are quite close), figures from GlobalWebIndex show. Significantly, though, ad-blocker users over-index for consuming news across all the channels tracked in GWI’s chart.

Almost half of these individuals say they consume stories/videos on news websites (where they may not be exposed to advertising unless they have whitelisted the site).

Potentially, specialised news apps are a key opportunity here GWI found. They offer a more difficult space in which to block ads, and introduce possibilities for micropayments. While audience figures for news apps are currently lower than websites or social, it’s encouraging that ad-blocker users are 25 per cent more likely to consume news through them.