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Data pick of the day: 60% of Indonesia’s mobile-only users aged 16-24

GlobalWebIndex conducted a study among 85,000 internet users aged 16-64 to look at some of the characteristics of mobile-only users.

The study found that users who do not own or use any connected devices other than their smartphone/feature phone – are more likely to be young, to come from emerging markets, to live in rural areas and to be from lower socio-economic groups. GWI found that the lower a country’s overall internet penetration rate, the higher the proportion is of 16-24s mobile-only audience.

In Indonesia, where the World Bank estimates internet penetration at sub-25 per cent, six in ten mobile-only users are from the youngest age group. The study outlines that the countries with the highest internet penetration rates of all like Canada, Japan and the UAE have the lowest percentages of 16-24s in their Mobile-Only groups.