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Data point of the day: Changing gaming trends in a digital world

‘Gamification’ is quite the buzzword for brands as part of their marketing strategies in a digital world. The digital environment and hyper connectivity has changed the dynamics of gaming. Launching relevant games as an extension to the brand is now being considered an important part of the marketing mix.

GWI Gaming Trends

Data released by Global Web Index shows that mobile gaming is the number one access point, with 46 per cent of internet users having played in the last month in Q3 2013, compared to 40 per cent in Q2 2011. Online gaming and social gaming have risen by three and five percentage points respectively. Massively multi-player online games is another climbers. In contrast, games consoles are static and PC gaming is declining.

The broad trend here is that growth in mobile, social media and multiplayer games reflect the growth in connectivity and position gaming as an active tool for brands to interact closely with their target group.