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Decoding the programmatic wave on mobile in India

With innovation in the mobile marketing techniques in the market, programmatic buying has emerged to be the one that has challenged marketing experts across the board. At Digital Market Asia’s Mobillion India 2015, industry veterans gathered to decode this complicated yet powerful marketing tool in the mobile universe.

Mobile is clearly an important part of the consumer’s daily life and programmatic on mobile allows the marketers to avail the benefits of mobile applications on the consumers’ handsets. “Applications of different merchants such as taxi services and ecommerce platforms are pushing boundaries in the mobile marketing field as taxi services detect the location of the consumer,” said Kumar Samanvaya, Director – Sales, India of Pocketmath.

“Recent innovations have highlighted the new found potential in programmatic and consumers have become more demanding,” said Amaresh Godbole, Managing Director of DigitasLBi India. There are endless opportunities in the market but DigitasLBi has made efforts to refine its strategy to suit the new-age consumer that helped it win its various pitches lately.

Ruksh Chatterji, Vice President – India at Komli Media had opened the panel discussion saying that nobody has been able to define programmatic buying clearly but everyone wants to be engaged in it. Therefore, it is critical that marketers bring in transparency in their marketing strategies and demystify the buzz around programmatic to make it more efficient.

Efficiency continues to be a challenge as ,”data is highly fragmented on back of large diversity in India and lack of third party data,” said Karan Gupta, Chief Executive Officer of Andbeyond.media. Growth in programmatic will lead to targeting across devices and introduction of multiple formats in mobile advertising, he further added.

Access of consumer information can help the advertisers refine experience for the consumer and access different ad formats with rich media, video and native, which can further aid the growth of mobile marketing in India and bring the next billion to the platform.