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Delhi police rolls out ‘Himmat’ mobile app for women’s safety

Following the daily cases of crime against women in the India capital, the Delhi Police has launched a mobile application ‘Himmat’ for women safety. The app was launched by Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh on January 1, 2015.

“Himmat is a Delhi Police initiative for women safety. Himmat caters to the category of employed women who have smartphones and who travel alone sometimes late at night,” said a press statement by Delhi Police on its website.

Himmat is a SOS alert mobile app developed by the IT Centre Police Headquarter through which women can place a call to the police control room and contact friends or relatives, in case of emergency. A user can register for the app with the Delhi Police website by sharing their name, mobile number and that of a minimum of two relatives or friends, according to information on Delhi Police’s website.

The app enables the user to send a distress call to the Police control room by either pressing the power button or shaking the phones. Besides, sending an SMS alert to friends and relatives, the app also involves the use of social media. There will be a status update on Facebook and on Twitter timeline, in case of distress to the user. However, generating a false SOS alerts can lead of termination of the service and cancellation of registration for the particular user.

“This app is only for mobile phones working on Android, since a survey has revealed that most working women use Android based phone. In due course this facility will be extended to other operating systems as well,” the release added.