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Demand for Internet TV can impact ad formats in Philippines

More and more consumers in Philippines are moving away from their CRT television sets to buy flat TV panels with internet capabilities. A recent study by research agency GfK Philippines showed that the growth of internet enabled TVs has doubled within a year. This points to the fact that consumers in Philippines are looking to access the internet not just from their PC and mobiles but also from their television.

“If this latest trend is an indication of the things to come, Internet connectivity may just be the next most popular feature that consumers here will be hankering for. Although general awareness level of Internet-enabled TV technology is still considered low at present, declining prices are luring buyers to try out TV sets which come with this new capability,” commented Benny Villanueva, general manager of GfK Philippines.

Recently in a study by Initiative, it was seen that there is a technology-driven convergence taking place of television, and mobile devices in the region which means that advertisers now have to rethink their campaign strategies to be able to make most of the various access devices that the consumers today own and use. In fact in Philippines there is an expected uptrend towards internet-enabled television, added Villanueva.

This means that brand marketers can look beyond traditional TVCs in Philippines and create rich media digital campaigns that a consumer can access via TV and engage with the brand online simultaneously.