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Dentsu CCI, Adobe, & SpotX collaborate on video ads & programmatic distribution

Dentsu’s Cyber Communications Inc. , Adobe Systems Co., Ltd., and SpotX Inc. will work together to use SpotX’s video ad serving and monetization platform and Adobe Advertising Cloud DSP (DSP) for CCI premium video advertising inventory to develop programmatic transaction environment.

Brand security in web advertising has been gaining focus. This new collaboration enables advertisers and advertising agencies using Adobe to use safe and secure media for video ads and maximize their outreach to appropriate audiences through high-quality video ad inventory created by CCI, ensuring brand security. Media companies using SpotX can seek revenue opportunities in both on-demand videos and live streaming inventory.

Server-Side Ad Insertion*1 (SSAI) is a distribution technology that eliminates buffering and delays before and after ads during live web streaming, leading to superior audio-visual experiences. SSAI has been used in a programmatic environment in distribution projects by Mainichi Broadcasting System and Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation. Technical support for distribution and advertising sales activities have been covered by CCI, while SpotX has provided dedicated SSAI end points, with additional cooperation from Adobe based on its experience with live web streaming outside Japan.

Keith Eadie, Vice President and General Manager at Adobe Advertising Cloud says, “I am happy that the Adobe Advertising Cloud DSP has partnered with CCI and SpotX to promote programmatic advertising of premium inventory in Japan. Premium inventory is the best solution for brands with concerns around brand safety. By combining Adobe Advertising Cloud DSP with Adobe Analytics and other Adobe Experience Cloud solutions, advertisers can leverage data gathered through their owned media and offer attractive experiences that will enhance active engagement by video program consumers. Adobe will continue to provide sufficient premium inventory and strengthen collaboration with its partners, while supporting transparent and secure video ad management that will maintain consistent brand images and boost performance.”

Ken Harada, Country Manager for Japan at SpotX, says, “We are based in the US and well experienced in live ad distribution during professional American football games and other major sports events. Through this partnership with CCI and Adobe, we will work to establish simultaneous web broadcasting in all genres in Japan, helping media companies monetize these opportunities.”

The three companies will continue to work towards offering the best solutions and services for each client, while advocating the growth of a healthy video ad market.