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Dentsu revisits ‘Indian mothers’; launches MAMA Lab

In the new age of advertising, the elusive youth TG continues to be an important part of the marketers’  growth strategy. As youth redefines conventional audience stereotypes, another segment – Indian mothers, have also become a group of focus. With more women joining the workforce in India, there is a pressing concern to address this section under a separate head.

Tracing this trend, Dentsu will launch the practice of connecting brands with mothers through real, actionable insights with MAMA Lab on International Women’s Day on March 8. It aims at gaining insights into mother and motherhood in India that will go beyond the stereotypes which are created for ‘mothers’ in India.

The project will explore the many facets of an Indian mother who is often seen uni-directional in the India community. “Dentsu MAMA Lab aims to be a though leader on mother, motherhood and mothering. ‘Good Innovation’ is the essence of brand Dentsu and MAMA Lab is a vivid demonstration of it. Through our understanding of the different facets of a mother we will enable more meaningful and innovative connections between brands and moms,” said Rohit Ohri, Executive Chairman of Dentsu India and Chief Executive Officer of Dentsu Asia Pacific – South.

“No stock character is as ubiquitous in advertising as the sacrificial mother. She is the conquering hero if child rearing, endlessly in demand but never really desired. At MAMA Lab, we want to worship her less and know her more, MAMA Lab gives me the opportunity to speak to women in our language, in our own unique way,” added Swati Bhattacharya, Principal Partner at MAMA Lab – Creative at Dentsu.

Ms Bhattacharya further emphasised that MAMA Lab will put the user i.e. Indian mother before the content. It will provide brand solutions with in-depth knowledge of the user that will help the brands in India connect to its users in a much better manner. The brand must understand the core of motherhood to connect to mother and talk to them in a relevant fashion.

MAMA Lab was initiated in Tokyo and in India it seeks to be an ongoing visual and oral biography of Indian mothers. “The multi-faceted mothers in India can open a whole new set of possibilities such as add new users for the brand, bring new news, become thought leaders, create a new line of engagement, and become a support system,” said Narayan Devanathan, Executive Vice President and National Planning Director at Dentsu, highlighting some of the key opportunities that MAMA Lab’s insights will offer.