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Dentsu rolls out first all-mom marketing solutions network

Dentsu has launched MamaLab, Asia-Pacific’s first specialist marketing solutions network that focuses solely on mothers. Conceived first in Tokyo as a strategic support unit in 2009, MamaLab will operate as a full-service marketing solutions network in Singapore, Japan, Indonesia, Philippines and Taiwan.

Dentsu recognised the need for a specialist approach to mothers and, in response to this, created a unique marketing solutions model dedicated to better serving the needs of this powerful demographic.

MamaLab will provide a full spectrum of marketing solutions services including strategy, creative and digital capabilities to help multinational and local businesses engage with mothers. It will also offer a flexible, family-friendly working environment for its employees. MamaLab’s unique strategic planning tool, MamaNavi will be powered by SenseAsia, Dentsu’s proprietary brand health intelligence platform.

Commenting on the launch, Merlee Jayme, Chairmom and Chief Creative Officer, MamaLab Asia-Pacific said, “Reading minds, using our natural instincts in making decisions and influencing the people around us through rich experiences are just a few of the powers mothers have. No one knows the world’s number one target market better than we do. As a mom myself, I know that a mother is a wife, a teen’s best friend, a family’s breadwinner, a CEO, a sister, a household ‘doctor’ and much more.”

The concept of family and motherhood has evolved significantly in recent years and the rise of digital and millennial mothers has further expanded an already diverse market. MamaLab has been created to better understand and respond to this changed reality.

“Mothers are a tough target market. As mothers are often the main decision maker for families, marketers need to truly understand what motivates and inspires moms of different ages, cultures and personalities. MamaLab will partner with multinational and local brands, help them uncover the power of mothers and engage with moms through genuinely insightful, thoughtful and innovative campaigns that are also cool and fun! We are incredibly excited to create a unique marketing solutions model that’s different and better. Not only for the specialised approach we offer our clients, but for the flexible, child-friendly work-haven we offer our moms every day”, added Jayme.