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Digerati in Asia can demand higher salaries

At Firebrand, we recently launched eSalarySurvey, a specialist salary compensation site for the Marketing, Creative and Digital industries. We have collected about 3 months of data by giving Marketing, Creative and Digital professionals a platform to openly compare and exchange salary data. Finally, the industry has an accurate insight into what people are earning. We also found that in different countries the employees in the digital community value separate sets of benefits.

Specifically for the digital sector, here are some interesting snippets. In our survey we found that in Kuala Lumpur, a Web Designer’s median salary is MYR 54,900. This is interesting because it is 23% higher than a Graphic Designer’s median salary which is around MYR 44,500. In terms of benefits, the digerati in Malaysia look for benefits like flexible working environments, company training to improve their career skills, and healthcare subsidies.

When we look at Singapore, the median salary for a Digital Marketing Manager is SGD 135,000. Comparatively, the median salary for a Regional Marketing Manager is SGD 123,000 which is 10% lower. Both Brand Manager’s and Marketing Manager’s salaries are approximately 40% lower. This shows that there is an increasing demand for digital marketing managers, and businesses are focussing in a big way on their digital marketing strategies. In terms of benefits the Singapore digital community values these benefits like health care subsidies, mobile phone/mobile subsidies and transport allowance.

You can go to eSalarySurvey and do a “bespoke” search for the info you seek, all free of charge! While you are there please feel free to contribute your salary data too.