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Digital forms key element in Forevermark’s ‘promise’

Forevermark, the diamond brand from The De Beers Group of Companies has unveiled its global marketing campaign with the objective to inspire people to renew their belief in the power of a promise and celebrate life’s most meaningful promises, and mark the bond with a Forevermark diamond. The marketing campaign emphasises the power of promise that creates a bond between people and how precious a promise is. The message of the campaign links it to the value of a diamond.

The commercial is shot on location in Berlin, directed by dancer and choreographer Benjamin Millepied who is best known for his work on the Oscar winning film, Black Swan. The global marketing campaign that debuted on September 7, 2014, is a multimedia campaign appearing across different media platforms – digital platforms for a core part of this mix. Consumers can also view the TV commercial and discover more about Forevermark diamonds at Forevermark.com

A social media initiative will support the ad campaign inviting consumers to rediscover the simple, powerful gesture of holding hands and the promise that it conveys. The initiative is to reiterate the message that a true promise is never broken. Consumers can also share their images and stories at www.languageofholdinghands.com or by using the hashtag ‘#HoldMyHandForever’ on Twitter.

The diamond is a source of strength to endure and keep the promise. The ad has tried to connect with the consumer’s inner self and establish an emotional attachment to the product. It talks about human values such as warmth and comfort, and such a bond with the consumer ensures that the consumer does not overlook the TVC as a superficial attempt to connect to its audience.

“This is a powerful campaign that will really resonate with consumers. A promise is founded in trust, commitment and love and when made between two people, it should last forever. A Forevermark diamond that is inscribed with its own enduring promise is the ultimate symbol to celebrate this bond,” said Costantino Papadimitriou, Vice President of Brand Strategy and Innovation at Forevermark.

At the heart of Forevermark is a driving belief that a promise is a powerful and precious thing that should never be broken and the focus of the new campaign is to drive awareness of the brand’s own promise, a commitment to beautiful, rare and responsibly sourced diamonds. Consisting of emotive print, outdoor, digital and television advertising, the campaign will showcase Forevermark diamonds in classic designs and diamond jewellery from Forevermark’s Cornerstones collection.