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Digital India incomplete without Make in India: Ravi Shankar Prasad

The political history of India is as diverse as its people. Every government enters the arena with a set of reforms and programmes that it deems fit for the welfare of its people. Some of them turn out to be transformational for the Indian landscape while some fail to make their mark for the country. Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, Minister of Communications and Information Technology at Government of India described the Digital India programme as one such transformational projects by the Narendra Modi-led NDA (National Democratic Alliance) government, at the Businessworld ‘Digital India’ event.

So far, the Digital India programme has been able to achieve 900 million mobile phones and internet penetration at 300 million. Over the course of next 2-3 year the government seeks to make this number 500 million. “Now there is no opposition to mobile as it has become an integral part of life,” the minister said. Like computer and mobile, “Digital India is also aimed at being transformational as it seeks to break the divide between digital haves and digital have-nots,” he added.

Mr Prasad emphasised on the key highlights of the programme, which includes erecting digital infrastructure and utilities, enable digital delivery of services and reinforce the concept of digital lockers. “Digital lockers will be a step towards using technology for inclusive growth in the country. Various public sector and private sector must understand that National Optical Fibre Cable Network is essential,” Mr Prasad said.

On back of the digital buzz in India and digital innovations that are making way in to the country, the Modi government in expected to leave its footprints as the government that lead information highway programmes in India.

Amid the digital buzz in the country, the Modi government launched the Digital India Week on July 1, 2015. The Minister shared some number on the same and said, “Digital India Week saw 450,000 crores worth of investment commitments and 7000 programmes across different parts of the country.

Mr Prasad’s take on Digital India is a country with a better future for all classes through the use of smartphone. “A Digitally connected India is integral for a better India and Digital India is an umbrella that leverages all digital programmes for a common goal,” he added.

“Digital India will be incomplete without Make in India,” the minister continued. The Modi government has approved 21 electronic clusters against one that was present earlier, according to Mr Prasad. He concluded his address saying that the initiative can change the landscape of India but Make in India cannot succeed unless it is a part of Skill India.