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DigiVive to unveil new logo for NexGTv with multi-screen attribute

In bid to strike a new relationship with its users, DigiVive, a platform for data-based value added services on devices in India will launch a new identity for NexGTv that seeks to be more interactive and easily recognizable with its audience. In a conversation with Digital Market Asia, the team of DigiVive shared what it wishes to achieve with the makeover.

The app’s new design not only reflects the evolving industry shift, wherein TV viewing and engagement are increasingly shifting to the mobile screen, but marries it intelligently with the company’s vision of simplicity, in an otherwise increasingly complex world. The use of bold and vibrant colors further underlines its dominant market position.

NexGTv, DigiVive’s flagship product is aimed at revolutionising online television in India and has been launched with a new logo which is focussed at portraying the platform as more user friendly and interactive than corporate or business-like, explained G D Singh, Director and Chief Executive Officer at DigiVive.

DigiVive has created NexGTv with a balance of subscription and advertisement-based revenue and not counting of either one as a sustainable business model, according to Mr Singh. Certain content is charge free which can serve as ‘door-opener’ for the user and then subsequently guide him to premium paid content, he added.

Other innovation in NexGTv is the availability of the service across different digital platforms where the multi-device user will be able to enjoy the live TV experience across his various devices i.e. two mobile and one PC in a seamless fashion and via the same account. Therefore, three devices can be logged in parallelly.

“A single subscriber can use the service across platforms as the user will be identified through his mobile number,” said Mr Singh. “The user can watch content on his PC, mobile or tablet though a single sign in,” he added. All mobile users of services will be able to access the service on PC and tablets through NexGTv’s multi-screen feature.

Furthermore, the service will not be limited to just the hi-end smartphone users. Digivive seeks to service all the mobile consumers who have access to mobile internet and a in-built video player irrespective of the version of handset they use.

NexGTv is also agnostic towards network such as 2G, 3G and the upcoming 4G internet in India. DigiVive is extremely optimistic on the future of internet connectivity improving in India on back of more initiatives by telecom operators to fulfill the building desires of the new age consumer in India.