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DMA Digital Diary: Lessons for 2015

While 2014 was the year when, Asia became mobile-first, 2015 might be the year when Asia overtakes the Western market in the social media and ecommerce race. This and many such interesting insights, perspectives and opinions are a part of the DMA report on ‘What’s Trending in 2015’.

Throughout the last few days I had been caught up with the magazine, reading extensive reports on the scenario in different sectors – mobile marketing, social media, programmatic, data, ecommerce, native advertising and content marketing.

Researching through it all, there are a few lessons that I take home for what to expect in this year.

Mobile is the future no doubt. But the experts feel that it is high time marketers think about a mobile-only strategy. While working on the branded content for mobile, it is also important to remember that while content is the King, context with reference to mobile is the Queen. Cheuk Chiang, CEO, Omnicom Media Group APAC, explains this well in his article on how mobile is the Queen of Queens.

Experts also call for a need to create a good mobile experience and for mobile advertising to find its own formats for advertising.

In social, Mark Adams from Honey, feels that Asia will take global lead in this space. Experts have also highlighted the need for an ‘always on’ paid strategy. While social media strategy is at play, some of the concepts to look into are branded communities and how social media can move beyond communities and into social commerce.

Mobile is the key thing to remember for ecommerce as well. While Barry Adams from Experian, predicts that Asia will overtake the West in ecommerce, Dr KF Lai from BuzzCity, calls Malaysia a key market for APAC. Ecommerce is India is also set to achieve new highs as it is predicted to reach the USD 100 bn mark.

Programmatic’s future lies in videos, mobile and data. Data driven marketing is becoming an area of interest for marketers and programmatic is poised to grow across media according to experts.

Smart content is the way forward for content marketing. But it is important to remember that the audience always comes first.

Collating all these interesting perspectives and viewpoint, our report gives an insight into the industry and what marketers need to know to stay ahead of the game in 2015.

Keep an eye out for the Annual series articles on our website in the coming weeks!

Shubhi Tandon

Shubhi Tandon is the Assistant Editor at Digital Market Asia. Fascinated by the evolving digital media industry, she has focussed on tracking developments in the Asia Pacific market since 2014.