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Don’t create content, create contentment: We are Social’s Simon Kemp

Digital marketers are always looking to devise methodologies that can help them integrate their social, digital and mobile activities with ‘traditional’ media. Simon Kemp, Regional Managing Partner of We Are Social, provided valuable insights into this topic. By exploring the mindsets of audiences’ multiscreen behaviour, he explains what marketers should do, and more importantly should avoid, with regards to integrating activities across offline and online channels.

Mr Kemp identified the primary errors that most marketers are making in today’s day and age by saying, “Too many marketers are getting confused with ‘content marketing’, we seem to have forgotten that ‘content’ is just a means to an end. We need to remember what that job is all about. Our job is not to create content, our job is to create contentment. Only once you find out what contentment looks like, can you start thinking backwards about what content is.”

Talking about social success, Mr Kemp said, “We are spending huge amounts of money promoting content. That is back to front, since all we are trying to do is push content. Social success is not about reach, like and retweets. Success in social media is all about having an interactive two-way dialogue at scale. Stop trying to deliver more impressions, but delivering more of an impression.”

To conclude, Mr Kemp delved into what he believes marketers can do to ensure that their marketing campaigns and products are able to create a buzz. “Create content that is worthy of conversation. Packaging is a common trigger for organic user generated content. Packaging that entertains or informs is exciting and is exactly what the customer seeks. People want to share such packaging with others, and this kind of endorsement is valuable, but difficult to attain.”

Mr Kemp was speaking at the ad:tech ASEAN conference which kicked off in Singapore on July 7, 2015. Over 60 industry experts were a part of the ad:tech ASEAN conference this year. The two-day event focussed on ‘Reaching Digital Distinction’ in the region.