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Durex launches MTV Rex Talk: The Sexperiment in India

Durex has undertaken the task to change the sex conversation as the no-go for most Indians and marketing agency Glitch has designed a campaign called ‘The Sexperiment – Indians on Sex – Durex MTV Rex Talk’ for the same task.

They gathered a group of unsuspecting interviewees and told them to do one thing: Talk about sex. Expected responses were awkward silences, surprised laughter and a tendency to avoid the topic at all cost.

In a particular promotional video, they asked people to enter the room one by one without letting on what they’ve been called in for. After about 10 seconds of uncomfortable silence, they asked them to talk about sex for a minute.

The responses we’ve gotten from our unsuspecting, very hesitant participants have ranged from laughter, silence and flat out refusal to answer the question.

After the initial awkwardness, some people loosened up and talked about sex more openly.

The initial focus of the video is people’s first reaction – the fear of judgment, the pressure of the moment and the knowledge and realisation that the camera will record their every word, reaction and response.

As the video progresses, people shed their inhibitions, open up and give out some sound, timely advice to the watching audience – Be safe, stay protected and use a condom.