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Durex launches second installment of ‘Durex MTV Rex Talk’

Durex continues it task to remove the block against sex conversations in the minds of the Indian audience. For the same reason it launched the second leg of ‘Sexperiment on the Streets – Durex MTV Rex Talk’, a marketing campaign designed by Glitch. The promo relies on the taboo nature of the topic of sex.

Unlike the first series where the interviewees were asked to talk to sex for a minute, here they conducted a social experiment testing out people’s knowledge of sex through a series of True or False questions such as if condoms have expiry dates, if a man takes an emergency contraceptive he cannot get a girl pregnant, and having sex during your period will not cause pregnancy, among others.

They had anticipated reactions ranging from surprise and awkward giggling to outrage and refusal to answer the questions. The questions caught people off guard making for some very candid reactions. The promo also aims at educating people about the misconceptions they may be holding on to about sex.

The underlying through about the promotional campaign is that most people do not talk about sex in an open, informative manner because of which the information passed around about sex is inaccurate and often completely untrue. This campaign seeks to change such misconceptions and educate the audience about sex.

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