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Effective Measure creating business connect in APAC

The going is good for Effective Measure, the digital media planning solutions provider, in terms of the recent spate good business it has been doing in the region. In Malaysia it struck a deal with GroupM Malaysia to offer campaign measurement services. In Pakistan it set up a new office to mark its entry into the market and offer its services there. Each of the activity is unique in its own way.

Take for instance the GroupM deal, the company claims it to be a breakthrough deal for the Malaysian digital measurement market. “As digital campaigns become more sophisticated, so too have the metrics for tracking their impact. It’s an exciting time for Effective Measure and a fantastic opportunity to help grow the industry”, said Tom Hogg, commercial director – Malaysia & Singapore, Effective Measure. The company sees this relationship with GroupM as a significant move to grow the local measurement industry that can develop tangible digital benchmarks across multiple industry verticals and categories

Effective Measure’s Campaign Measurement feature allows agencies to optimize and enhance media buying, based on a comprehensive analysis of rich demographic and campaign exposure data which is available while a campaign is running. The Campaign Impact solution provides the ability to survey internet users allowing in-depth insight into the effectiveness of a campaign in meeting its objectives. The tools also benefit publishers, particularly those with niche audiences that will be identified and sought out based on the required target audience of advertising briefs.

GroupM Malaysia is implementing Effective Measure’s Campaign Measurement and Campaign Impact solutions across its entire agency group in the country including Mindshare, MEC and Maxus. The solution is being implemented by GroupM’s digital arm Interaction for all the agencies.

“As the digital media landscape becomes ever more complex, it is imperative for our clients that their agency can offer better solutions for their marketing investment attribution. With this agreement, GroupM will have cutting edge tools at our disposal to monitor the impact of digital media channels on specific objectives such as brand awareness, affinity or purchase intent. Access to such rich data allows us to allocate our clients’ investments better and optimize them more effectively,” informed Joni Leimala, Head of Interaction, GroupM Malaysia.

After trying to grow the measurement segment in Malaysian measurement segment for the advertising industry, Effective Measure is entering Pakistan to try and transform the nascent digital economy of the country. “The vibrant, emerging Pakistan market represents a great opportunity for Effective Measure to help transform a nascent digital media industry into a booming digital economy. We are delighted with the support and collaboration that we have experienced with local media and industry over the last year as we solidified our position in the market. The year ahead will be an extremely exciting time to be part of the local digital market and we will endeavour to share our international expertise to assist in expediting that growth potential and providing world class metrics and data that serve this diverse audience,” said Effective Measure CEO Richard Webb when opening the office in the country. .

The company has been on the ground in the Pakistan market for over a year and has already formalised its presence with a series of key client wins. The team is Pakistan is being led by Country Manager-Pakistan, Imtiaz N. Mohammad. “As the Pakistan media market embraces digital it also faces regulatory, technology centric and economic challenges. Effective Measure’s global experiences at the grass roots of emerging markets can help ease those challenges and turn them into electric opportunities. The potential in the Pakistan digital media market is huge and armed with the right tools we will assist in fostering the collective goal of turning Pakistan into a knowledge based economy,” said Mohammad.

To further strengthen its presence here, it has entered into an alliance with the Pakistan Advertisers Society (PAS). For a while now Effective Measure has been working in collaboration with PAS to establish a market leading digital audience measurement service for the Pakistan industry.