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Eleve Media’s Prince Khanna redefining content mktg wave in India

While content marketing in India is still foraying its way into the marketing and advertising industry in India, marketing agencies in India are striving to catch up to their counterparts in West and in European countries. Eleve Media, a two-year old Gurgaon-based start up has emerged highlighting key trends in the content marketing space. In conversation with Digital Market Asia, Prince Khanna, Founder and Business Head at Eleve Media outlines these trends and Eleve Media’s journey so far. Having worked with the likes of GSK, Honda Cars India, LG Electronics, Bacardi India, Snapdeal, and Dabur amongst their clients, Eleve aims to redefine the content outreach process.

In the content marketing space, there is a gap between how western countries have been able to implement content marketing strategy versus how India has been able to do it. Typically, India follows a product-driven approach rather than a people-driven one because content has to be created for consumers and not brands, according to Mr Khanna.

“Implication of a product in a content marketing strategy would turn out to be better if it is talking about the people rather than product as the heart of the conversation,” said Mr Khanna.

“Consumer have learned to differentiate between branded content and native content. Hence the skip rates are increasing. That is where content marketing is playing a very important role. If we want to maintain a good balance between the two, the brand should approach the customer with content that is experiential and informational, unlike an ad,” said Mr Khanna.

The advent of content marketing has also changed the relationship between brands and publishers which have become that of creator and the amplifier, respectively.

Increasingly, brands are taking the responsibility of creating content as they would understand the ideology of the brand. “The brand now takes an active interest in creating the content while publishers remain the amplifiers for that,” Mr Khanna added.

Content marketing influencers
Influencers driving content marketing for a brand can be categorised into three sub categories – spokespersons, enthusiasts, and ambassadors.

“Brands were creating a lot of content which lead to a splash of native advertising almost three years ago when brands were connecting consumers through the means of content gained utmost importance,” said Mr Khanna.

“Our platform and technology help us reach out to multiple influencers across interest groups in a swift manner. This now only allows us to create a wave of chatter around a brand to gain massive reach, but also gives us insight into how the audience responds to content,” he said.

“Our tool monitors real-time data gathering insights which help us shape the brand’s voice online. The idea always is to get a few people talking and the others contributing to the conversation whenever it is contextually relevant to them,” Mr Khanna added.

Eleve is also working on a keyword analysis program for brand campaigns which is helpful in finding contextual relevance for the brand, a feature it is planning to build over the next quarter.

“It looks for keywords which are more native for the brand. We provide a dashboard where you can see who all are the influencers, what is the amplified effect, organic outcome. etc. It is an action and a listening platform,” said Mr Khanna.

Influencer Marketing Platform
Outlining of its platform – Influencer Marketing Platform, Mr Khanna claims that it has given a totally new direction to native advertising. “Influencers are simply people who are influential and in the know about the world around them; essentially, trusted peers we would approach for advice, online,” Mr Khanna pointed.

“With our platform, we not only help brands reach out to relevant advocates and celebrities but also help them shape their approach while also measuring the success of the campaign,” he explained.

Acknowledging the immense opportunity in the space, Eleve Media is committed towards differentiating its platform from other players in the market. It continues to build on certain measures that will help it to stand the competition in the market.

Eleve offers measuring tools which help them gauge the push and as well as the organic response to a campaign. “Brand marketers need to know what was the content marketing ROI (Return on Investment). Social media marketing it is all about liquid content as the strategy can be changed on the go and no other platform gives this kind of flexibility,” said Mr Khanna.

It is also taking adequate care of data, Eleve also stores campaign data for two years which help the agencies and clients keep a track of the ROI of all the campaign initiatives. “Brand can also map their competition. So it is an additional value added service. We want reduce dependency on any third party data tool,” Mr Khanna added.

Going forward, the content marketing platform will be expanding to other key Asian markets such as Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. “We are starting our pilot campaign next month in Malaysia and Indonesia while we have made very good progress in India,” according to Mr Khanna. He added that the company recorded 200 per cent growth in first year and close to 500 per cent in its second year as content marketing depicts a growing category itself.