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EntGroup & OgilvyEnt bring branded content assessment to China

OgilvyChinese entertainment research agency EntGroup and OgilvyEntertainment China, Ogilvy & Mather’s branded entertainment unit, have launched the Ogilvy Branded Entertainment Assessment Model (BEAM) in the market. Locally adapted from a global version, launched in April 2012 at MIPTV in Cannes, the new BEAM measures the effectiveness of Chinese branded entertainment programs. The new framework plays a larger role in the marketing mix and ties brands’ overarching business ambitions and program objectives to measurable outcomes.

“Our studies estimate that the Chinese entertainment industry will reach USD 1.8 trillion by 2015, offering a major opportunity for Chinese and international businesses to communicate their brand values. We provide a constant stream of entertainment data to OgilvyEntertainment and they filter it to extract actionable insights that brands can apply to meet their business goals,” said Amy Liu, Vice President of EntGroup.

“As brands face an overwhelming choice of platforms available ranging from product placement, content creation to celebrity endorsements, we’ve designed a sophisticated tool that will really help marketers to navigate through the world of content-led marketing and clarify the best platform for their unique objectives,” added Janie Ma, Director of OgilvyEntertainment China.

BEAM combines entertainment insights tailored for each brand from research partner EntGroup with strategic rigor to branded entertainment programs, demonstrating success through an index- based scoring system. The scorecard ensures key performance indicators and benchmarks are set upfront and then measured against to assess ultimate program performance.

BEAM’s four-step planning process is rooted in establishing brand business ambitions, which includes: 1. Identifying a primary program objective, 2. Selecting a lead content platform, 3. Determining the right mix of entertainment, exposure and brand integration, 4. Using a checklist of tactical considerations for maximizing the program across multiple, integrated channels.

Ms Ma explained, “Entertainment marketing is both emotional and experiential, which opens up a whole new way for brands to engage with consumers and effectively communicate their brand values. But it needs to be a bigger part of brands’ overall marketing strategy with precise planning and measurability, as more marketers pursue branded entertainment programs, BEAM is a framework and benchmark across multiple trackable platforms that really allows advertisers to measure, monitor and build insight about Chinese consumer behaviour and advertising effectiveness in real time.”

As is known, OgilvyEntertainment is a branded entertainment agency. It takes holistic approach to the development and production of brand-funded content and original entertainment. EntGroup focuses on providing data and information, conducting market research, industry research, consulting for the Chinese entertainment industry.