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Estée Lauder is the best digital brand in China

If you want to tap the luxury goods buyer in China, go digital in a smart way – just like Estée Lauder did. According to 2012 Digital IQ Index on China released by L2 Think Tank, the luxury beauty brand earned 800 data points in four categories against 99 other brands. It was ranked as ‘Genius’ when it came to being digitally savvy across four main areas including site, digital marketing, social media, and mobile.

The index states that beauty brand Estée Lauder led in the market with deep social media penetration, sophisticated digital marketing, and best-in-class search strategies. The brand has invested significantly in China to build a robust digital ecosystem that engages and sells to the fans.

In fact over the last one year, the Estee Lauder has been increasing its digital presence significantly – growing from 3 to 6 platforms in China with a community of 1.6 million fans.

The beauty brand opted for some sophisticated in-market digital marketing that engaged the younger and new upwardly mobile consumers. Estee Lauder has also strengthend its e-commerce platform to attract online shoppers. According to L2 Thinktank, the brand’s own popular BBS, EL-Lady was responsible for driving better fan engagement, and improve online sales.

In order to capture new consumer data Estee Lauder’s BBS often hosted multiple sampling campaigns year-round. It also encouraged the brand’s fans to share their content for further involvement.

Giving an example of such an engagement activity, L2 Thinktank report shows that Este Lauder started a highly integrated sampling campaign for the Optimizer product line that featured international Chinese model and Estée Lauder spokesperson Liu Wen. This actually attracted over 1 million visitors to the BBS and generated a quarter million mentions on Sina Weibo. To promote awareness for the campaign, the brand purchased ads on search, video, relevant third-party sites, social media, and mobile which led to such a number of engaged consumers.

The main reason why the brands e-commerce site is such a popular shopping destination for the young Chinese consumers, because of the level of product education it provided that was totally tailored for the Chinese market. And its not just product education, the site also creates more awareness about online shopping and its benefits, which has a strong impact on a online visitor’s decision-making process.