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Evernote clocks 5 million users in India

Evernote has announced that its user base in India has touched five million making India the fifth largest market for the US-based cross-platform note taking application. At the end of February 2013, Evernote had registered one million users in India.

Evernote’s home markets US has 25 million users. Besides US, the user base in India is preceded by China with 17 million users, Taiwan with seven million and Brazil with six million users.

Evernote initiated operations in 2008, it aims to redefine the meaning of productivity. “Our new users have increased by 3000 per cent between Dec 2010 and Sept 2015. Evernote users in India are growing rapidly and we expect to meet our next 5 million users in record time as well,” Evernote said in a blog post.

Evernote believes that its growth in the Indian market over the last few years which has increased its user base unperturbed is a testament to Evernote’s compatability with the India market and will continue to experience impressive growth, going forward.

The digital workspace platform forecasts immense growth potential in the country with Maharshtra (24.42 per cent), Karnataka (20.28 per cent) and Delhi (20.25 per cent) recording highest activity on average in the country. Other states that lead in Evernote activity include Tamil Nadu, Telengana and Gujarat with single-digit daily user activity average.

The application is available in both paid and free version and is compatible with operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Chrome, and Android, among others.