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Every time is ‘prime time’ in online video consumption in India

Despite the buzz around advertising formats such as programmatic and native advertising emerging in India, video advertising has gathered steam as consumers are accessing content at a faster pace and linking it to their passion. Dubbed as the largest video consumption platform in India, YouTube clocks almost 70 million users monthly.

Pankaj Parihar, Head of Digital Marketing at Godrej pressed that content must be created close to what the consumer is looking for and quoting recent campaigns he added the 80 per cent of the ad spends in video have gone to video. He also added that as video consumption is moving from television to the online platform, every time has become ‘prime time’ for the advertiser as the consumer is hooked to the platform at the time of his convenience which is variable.

“Despite all the fad around video advertising in India, video needs the backing of solid technology and greater bandwith,” said Harsh Saxena, Head of Marketing for Non-Voice services, mobility at Tata Teleservices Ltd.

The progress in video advertising will drive digital advertising spends in India. Aman Malhotra, Head of Brand Solutions at Google pointed out, “Content across platforms is getting rendered and programmatic will pick up when brands will start investing in programmatic advertising formats.”

Mr Pankaj pointed out four aspects of video advertising that must be taken into account when designing a video advertising campaign. The monetisation frequency of the ad campaign should be an important concern in terms of its effectiveness. Further, expectation from campaign and its expected target must be studied and determined carefully in order to drive maximum benefits from the campaign.