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Evolving from internet of things to internet of people

The digital era has sparked a new age of imagination. The more evolution technology witnesses, the more role internet of things plays in connecting people and in communicating with them. For brands, this has opened up a plethora of future looking opportunities. But according to industry experts, the latest in internet of things is making way to internet of people.

“There is no doubt that on the back of internet of things, communication initiatives are seeing an increase in productivity and an alignment towards ‘consumerisation’,” observed Dr Thomas Kiessling, Chief Product & Innovation Officer, Deutsche Telekom, speaking at dmexco Conference at Cologne, Germany on September 18-19, 2013.

He explained that the road ahead where companies where putting sensors on people, the advent of products like Google Glass was creating human sources and sync of data. “Everything is moving to cloud right now and we are actively looking at a place which is of internet of people than internet of things.”

Agreeing with Dr Kiessling, Dr Michael Karg, CEO, International, Razorfish observed that the attitude towards testing and experimenting with something new was alive today. Whether it was brands like Philips and its experiments with LED lights, air purifier or brands experimenting with Smart TV, the point was that the consumer was willing to explore these experiments. The catch however is that companies need to work harder on making some of things a lot easier.

There also lie opportunities when the internet of things makes some tasks simpler. And this can be of benefit to brands as well. “A future of advanced technology means that the mundane tasks of marketing can go away and we can take the dollars into creativity,” observed Bob Lord, CEO, AOL Networks.

The one thing to remember about the opportunities that come due to the internet of things is that at the end, the connected experience blurs the lines between product and marketing and essentially improves lives. Antonio Hidalgo, Chief Innovation, Marketing & Strategy Officer Philips Consumer Lifestyle, Philips explained, “The connected experience is finally a human experience. And human beings want their lives to be more fulfilling. The future of communication is about achieving this.”