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F5DIGITAL gears up for future growth on fifth birthday

To further evolve its business strategy and follow a more targeted approach, digital marketing agency F5DIGITAL has done a major corporate restructuring. The company has also strengthened its leadership team to drive for a stronger growth. All this to celebrate the agency’s fifth birthday.

To begin with founder and former CEO Gregory Birgé has been promoted to the newly created role of president. In his new role Birgé will look at strengthening the company’s main line of business – developing effective marketing strategies for its clients to embrace the digital revolution. Talking about the growing importance of digital media in brand marketing, marketing expert Birgé says, “We regularly see brands and agencies who are perpetually confused about the how and why of Digital. Digital is not a tactic but a new approach to marketing and strategy that goes beyond creatives and the production of assets. This is a very challenging market and we cannot simply be digital marketers. We need to go back to our roots to become better expert marketers in a digital world.”

Gregory Birge, F5DIGITAL

In fact in keeping with the new focus, the company has also restructured the business to have a more streamlined approach. F5DIGITAL will now have three business entities including Consulting, Engagement and Operations under one central entity. This will enable the company to leverage the capabilities in each of the business to develop better marketing solutions for its clients. Says Birgé, “F5DIGITAL’s activity has grown rapidly since our inception in 2007. Today, we must organise ourselves to handle future growth in an optimal fashion, while remaining innovative and delivering the best value to our clients.”

Since Birgé is moving to a more focussed job role, the company has further appointed Joel Tiphonnet as the acting CEO of the company. He has an extensive experience in consulting services especially in the hospitality and lifestyle sectors in Asia Pacific. “F5DIGITAL has a clear track record in the industry as evidenced by its client portfolio. I am delighted to join this exciting firm with a bright future and trust that my diversified leadership experience in Asia Pacific will bring a new and complementary dimension that fulfils F5DIGITAL’s growth potential,” he adds.

Tiphonnet’s has his job cut out in the competitive market. His key tasks include change management, revenue expansion, the leveraging of F5DIGITAL’s intellectual property assets and distribution points. He will also look at introducing processes to better handle business growth. As the CEO Tiphonnet will have to work towards reinforcing F5DIGITAL’s position as the preferred digital marketing agency for clients in the region.

On it fifth birthday the company shows through these changes, its commitment towards providing the best digital strategy, consumer engagement and marketing effectiveness solutions, expertise and knowledge to their clients. The clients list includes powerhouse brands such as Pernod Ricard Asia, British-American Tobacco, Lufthansa, Kimberly Clark, Philips and Panasonic.