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Facebook clears the sky for Cleartrip

Facebook has emerged as an attractive marketing platform for brands across the board from financial services to ecommerce companies. Based on the large traction of the social networking site among tech-savvy consumers in India, industries are embracing the platform to gain visibility.

Cleartrip is an online travel booking service that wanted to streamline its offering and reach its target audience in an efficient manner.

“Facebook continues to be a vital marketing platform for Cleartrip. Its ability to finitely target specific audience groups helps us pinpoint our customer effectively. Besides the unparallet reach it offers, Facebook offers a huge range of tools that empower brands like ours to target the right people and convert them into loyal customer, “ said Subramanya Sharma, Chief Marketing Officer of Cleartrip.

Despite development in technology, the process of booking travel arrangements continues to be a challenge for many consumers. Through its partnership with Facebook, Cleartrip wanted to use its flash sales to find new customers and retarget website visitors. It hoped that Facebook would help it target the right people more accurately.

Cleartrip used Custom Audiences to maximise revenue from its popular flash sales and achieve a 2.5  times higher return on ad spend.

Using Facebook’s 2-part strategy, Cleartrip ran link ads in the mobile and desktop News Feed to drive people directly to its website and attract them to its flash sales.

In the second part, Cleartrip used Custom Audiences to retarget website visitors who didn’t take advantage of the offer. This 2-step strategy helped Cleartrip maximise its conversion rate.

Overall, Facebook helped Cleartrip find new customers and maximise its conversion rate.

Its strategy of driving people to its website—and then retargeting those who didn’t buy the first time— achieved a 2.5 times higher return on ad spend compared to the previous year.