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Facebook lets brands control where their ads appear

Keeping in mind the concerns raised by advertisers on brand safety lately, Facebook now allows brands more control over where their ads appear. The company will now offer publisher-level transparency to brands across Instant Articles, in-stream ads and the Facebook Audience Network.

Advertisers will now be able to see and control a list of where their ads could potentially deliver prior to setting a campaign live. “We are currently testing this with a select group of advertisers who are running ads on Audience Network within the video views objective. This test will help us build the right product with the goal of extending it to all advertisers, all objectives, Instant Articles and in-stream ads on Facebook later this year,” the company said in a blog post.

Another new tool added is allowing brands to use the blocking process at an account level. Brands will be able to apply their block lists at the account level instead of each specific campaign or set of ads. This feature will start rolling out next month on Audience Network and Instant Articles and will extend to in-stream ads later this year. “This will help advertisers make their lists consistent across potentially hundreds of campaigns and thousands of creatives,” the blog post added.

Facebook will also introduce the option to give advertisers a choice over where they want to place their videos in Audience Network. “We will start to allow advertisers to specify the types of placements, (e.g. in-stream or native and interstitial), they want their video campaigns to run in through a simple opt-out format,” the company blog explained.