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Facebook now allows advertisers to adapt TV ads for mobile with PockeTVC

As mobile video consumption is increasingly growing, it has become important for advertisers to see the medium as not just a smaller screen but a format on its own. Facebook has launched a global programme called PockeTVC which allows advertisers to optimise their TV ads for mobile.

As the attention span on mobile is shorter, consumption is fast and advertisers have a higher bar to reach to capture eyeballs. According to Facebook’s research,video-watching on mobile is fast, frequent and needs to work with or without sound.

Compared to TVCs, consumer behaviour is different on mobile, so 47 per cent of a video’s value needs to be delivered in the first three seconds, and 74 per cent should be delivered in the first ten seconds as after that, attention starts to decline. “If your brand message is at the end of a 30-second spot, this may mean people are less likely to see it,” the blog post highlighted.

Speaking to Digital Market Asia, May Seow, Story Director, Facebook Creative Shop said, “Every major brand has a TV Commercial but not every TV Commercial is optimised for the mobile environment. PockeTVC is a low cost, low barrier approach to optimize assets that brands already own, for the mobile audience. We’ve found that the more committed we are to experiment and deliver clear messages that delight, the better we will do in the mobile environment. Most TV Commercials have a linear story arc revealing brand or benefit only at the end. If the scrolling speed of mobile is averaging at 1.7 seconds, we must fundamentally rethink the first few seconds and capture attention quickly with our most arresting frames.”

According to the company’s internal data, PockeTVCs had a higher success rate than standard TV commercials and higher brand lifts than norms.

Eugene Lee, Marketing Director at McDonald’s Malaysia, said on their PockeTVC campaign, “When McDonald’s optimised their TVC content for mobile airing primarily on Facebook, we sharpened the message and focused on spicy chicken across six video and still assets. This campaign outperformed most of McDonald’s digital campaigns to date and they had to stop running the adverts because they ran out of chicken.”

The pilot for the program was already launched with a few clients, and as of January 2017, The Creative Shop has worked with over 250 clients globally.

Shubhi Tandon

Shubhi Tandon is the Assistant Editor at Digital Market Asia. Fascinated by the evolving digital media industry, she has focussed on tracking developments in the Asia Pacific market since 2014.