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Facebook rolls out Flight Ads

Facebook has launched a new ads solution in the travel sector called Flight Ads.

“We’re making ads more relevant to people interested in travel with the expansion of an ad solution called Flight Ads. Flight Ads will enable airlines to reach more potential travellers based on people’s visits to other flight-related Pages, websites and apps. Previously, airlines could use Flight Ads to re-target customers who had visited their website or app searching for a particular flight. Now, airlines can reach more people who have expressed interest in travel,” the company said in a blog post.

Airline brands can now use Flight Ads to reach those people with tailored ads promoting relevant flight routes. In addition, travellers that visit a travel-related Facebook Page, but have not yet chosen a trip destination may see an ad to visit an airline brand’s site.

People can opt out of any Flight Ad they see by clicking on the upper right-hand corner of an ad. They can also visit their Ad Preferences to manage their ad settings.

“We know how important it is for travel advertisers to reach the right people with the right message, personalized depending on where a traveller is in their decision journey. With the expansion of our Flight Ads solution, airline advertisers can now reach more people on Facebook who have expressed plans to travel — from new customers who are still deciding on a final destination to those who know where they’d like to go and are zeroing in a specific flight,” said Sandhya Devanathan, Country Head, Singapore, at Facebook.

Advertisers are already seeing results from testing this new ad solution. Air France used Flight Ads to acquire new US customers, driving targeted search volume to its site, while lowering cost per search by 66 per cent. And Hopper, an airfare forecasting app, saw a 20 per cent drop in its cost per app install using this new prospecting option.

Simon Lejeune, Head of User Acquisitions, Hopper said, “Opening up prospecting for Flight Ads has made a huge difference on our campaign performance. Our cost per install dropped by almost 20 per cent on Facebook and the interaction rates skyrocketed due to the increased relevance of the ads.”

Flight Ads will roll out globally in the coming weeks on Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network.