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FOX Networks launches Content Labs

FOX Networks Group Asia (FNGA) has launched FOX Content Labs. By creating a consolidated service, the new creative production house for FNGA offers brands bespoke solutions and the flexibility to pick and choose genres, channels and formats, which for the first time ever, puts brands at the heart of the most popular FOX content and delivers unrivalled results.

FOX Content Labs was created in response to the shifting brand needs in today’s advertising environment. Consumers are bombarded by 10,000 marketing messages per day and 11 per cent of people use online ad blockers; and while brands vie for their attention through new digital strategies, they’re also struggling to take back control in the face of complex marketing structures and new threats to brand reputation.

FOX’s new offer gives brands more control over ad spend and provides an easier way to create integrated campaigns in a trusted, brand-safe environment. Through unique content production and amplification services, all within FOX’s expansive owned media infrastructure, FOX Content Labs enables brands to increase their reach, deepen their engagement and deliver the most creative and compelling marketing strategies via known and loved channels such as FOX Sports, Entertainment, Movies and National Geographic.

Through FOX Content Labs advertisers can access the global scale and in-market expertise of FOX and work with just one point of contact through central production studios in Hong Kong and Singapore alongside experienced satellite teams in all FOX’s key APAC markets.

Mike Rich, EVP, Sales and Content Partnerships, FOX Networks Group Asia said, “FOX Content Labs challenges the old way of working and reimagines opportunities, giving brands the confidence to sidestep the complexity and brand safety risks that have traditionally plagued integrated advertising; and benefit from a fully tailored solution. This boils down to FOX’s unrivalled ability to produce stellar creative and impactful global assets, then deliver them to attentive audiences in verifiable, brand-safe environments.

“Our goal is to be the number one partner of choice for brands in Asia and the Middle East looking to create premium quality, integrated content solutions; and to help advertisers drive a collective one trillion impressions across our key markets every year. With killer content at the heart of our business and a re-energized view on the power of advertising as entertainment, we are unrivalled in our ability to unlock new opportunities and deliver incredible value for the brands we work with,” Mr Rich said.

The integrated advertising offerings under FOX Content Labs include long and short-form video content, active and passive product integration, celebrity talent access, on-the-ground activations and more; all of which can be shared and extended across consumers’ most relevant touchpoints in every market, from linear TV, to live events, to social and digital platforms.