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Gaming leads in-app monetisation: InMobi

Marketers and agencies are still working decoding the right marketing strategies for mobile and in the process, allowing for the mobile marketing ecosystem to attract higher margins of ad spends. In the present scenario, in-app monetisation is one of the most popular forms of driving mobile revenues. The question however is what are the approaches for in-app advertisements for smartphones and tablets that works for brands. Inmobi’s report, ‘The State of App Monetisation’,  explores just that.

According to the research, game advertisement yield higher CTR or click through rate against dining, automotive and telecom space advertising. Across different verticals of web-based services, gaming has seen the highest indexed performance with 206 CTRs followed by entertainment and education with 131 and 103 CTR, respectively. During the quarter, telecom was seen leading the roost with 231 eCPM or effective Cost Per Mille followed by travel with 182 eCPM and finance with 165 eCPM.

Another important finding by the research suggests that in-app ads earn higher eCPMs if they are showcased in the beginning of the week or in the evening hours. Also, surprisingly, larger screen tablets have registered more ad impressions as compared to that of smarthphones. iOS or the Apple’s operating system has gathered more eyeballs than the Android’s operating system.

The in-app yields are 2.5 times more than that of mobile web ads, yet mobile web ads saw an overall increase in eCPM of 45 per cent during the quarter while the in-app ad impressions rose by 32 per cent globally during the quarter from Q2 2014 to Q3 2014.

In terms of percentage points, APAC has seen the highest in-app ad impressions in Q3. The region is leading with 49 per cent followed by Europe and North America with 23 per cent each.

Rich media continues to impress its audience recording an eCPM of 360 with click-to-reach shortly behind with 273 eCPM, followed by standard banner ads with 109 eCPM. Many brands and advertisers don’t mind paying premium eCPM for rich media content. It encourages higher consumer engagement and yield longer dwell times than standard banner and text ads.

The advertisers must create apps that will suit his target audience the best and will be used by the consumer on a regular basis. Inmobi can help to serve in-app ads to the consumers as a way to monetise the app, track live campaigns and use innovative ad formats such as native, interactive interstitial ads, and incentivised video ads to further engage and monetise the consumer.