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Get more personal on social media: study

“Businesses need to be developing more sophisticated social media strategies that will help achieve specific commercial objectives, in order to reach an ever-growing number of social networkers. The first and most effective thing a brand can do is to simply offer a personal response to customer complaints and queries,” says the research study by UM Singapore. The agency unveiled the findings from the sixth instalment of its Wave study called ‘Wave 6 – The Business of Social’.

This particular study was done in the Singapore market to understand the social and digital behaviour pattern in the country. These learnings from study will help clients better plan their social media strategies and help agencies better service their clients. “Wave is an important survey that arms our team, and the industry as a whole, with a better understanding of social networks and the ways in which we can leverage its power for our clients. Wave 6 has had a huge impact on both a global and local scale. The Singaporean results have taught us a lot about how people are engaging with social media and these insights will certainly have an effect on our strategic direction for our brands in the coming months. It’s more than just being about ‘likes’, it’s about creating engaging experiences and inviting consumers to take part in a conversation with brands online,” explained Pat Lim, managing director of UM Singapore.

While the global trend shows that global websites are declining in influence, increasingly being seen as a one dimensional experience. “In Singapore, brand websites appear to be bucking the trend; however what brands need to recognize in Singapore is the importance of establishing their presence in the social media space in order to reach and connect with consumers who are already there, allowing for a complete brand experience,” the study statement said. It further showed that Singaporeans are most receptive to a developed strategy that offers discounts and incentives. Singaporeans are avid shoppers, are proud to find bargains and often like to share it, therefore it’s important for brands to embrace this trait effectively to drive advocacy for their brand.

“So many social media strategies look the same because advertisers continue to use the same platforms and strategies to achieve the same goals. Wave 6 addresses this issue by looking deeper into what the online social relationships can mean to a brand. Do they make people want to spend more time with the brand, do they make them feel valued as customers, or do they encourage people to recommend the brand to others? The study has helped us better understand these questions and it couldn’t have come at a better time. We are seeing unprecedented levels of social media use in Singapore on a range of portable devices,” informed Lim. In fact Singaporeans have emerged as the global leaders for the longest time spent on Facebook, spending an average of 38 minutes and 46 seconds per session. This means that there is a huge opportunity for brands to reach and engage with consumers on their favourite social network. However one size does not fit all, brands need to recognize that different social environments deliver different outcomes.