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Givenchy’s video and mobile moves to attract next gen consumers

You would think that QR codes were for FMCG brands and mass market. Givenchy, the French luxury fashion and accessories has shown with its latest digtal strategy how the simple QR code can be used to up mobile traffic and engage consumers. The brand has put the QR codes on the packaging of its iconic red lipstick rage Givenchy Le Rouge. Once the consumers click the QR code, they are taken to a specially designed mobile site that gives more information about the product.

This campaign follows the earlier launched social media campaign, where a special online video was created to promote the brand’s beauty and apparel ranges. The “Le Rouge Givenchy” video was a 90 seconds clip showcasing Givenchy’s leather apparel and brightly-colored beauty products. The video was promoted by the brand n Facebook and Twitter.

While QR codes have become ubiquitous in most brand and product promotion activities, in the case Givenchy, the code leads the consumer Givenchy’s mobile-optimized site with more information on Le Rouge products. The mobile site has information about the new range of lipstick, the shades, makeover tips etc. Here the users can also learn about other products and search for the nearest store to buy the product they like.

One interesting thing about the QR code is that Givenchy has put its logo in the centre of the code to add a personal touch. This also improves the brand recall, and is attractive to many users.