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Global brands move into SE Asia programmatic video market

The programmatic video advertising company, TubeMogul, said Southeast Asia’s programmatic video advertising market swelled in size in the third quarter, buoyed by premium publishers delivering more inventory.

All countries in South East Asia posted double-digit desktop pre-roll inventory growth. Thailand was the biggest market in total inventory size, recording 62 million available video ad auctions in the third quarter, while the Philippines recorded a 69 per cent increase, and Malaysia jumped 87 per cent.

Overall, Indonesia had the highest inventory growth, and recorded a 104 per cent rise in available pre-roll video ad auctions in the third quarter. The Indonesian Presidential election had likely fuelled the rise in video impressions.

TubeMogul Southeast Asia Managing Director Phu Truong said brands advertisers now have access to significant pre-roll desktop and mobile video ad inventory across the key South East Asian markets. He also said brands and ad agencies were increasing their programmatic trading capabilities.

“The Southeast Asian programmatic video advertising market is growing in size, buoyed by the publishers providing more desktop pre-roll video inventory,” said Mr Truong.

“We are also starting to see international brands increase the velocity of their video campaigns, supported by the experience gained in other markets,” Mr Truong added.

Mr Truong said the programmatic video advertising market was maturing quickly and brands were moving beyond the “raw CPM” towards performance-based metrics that show if a video branding campaign has been successful.

“Brands are now giving more weight to metrics such as video completion rates, or the number of people who watched a video to the end,” said Mr Truong.

“There is also higher demand to execute video ad campaigns on Tier One publisher websites and we have seen significant price rises in the premium market,” Mr Truong added.

Pre-roll was the most affordable ad format in every Southeast Asian country for the second straight quarter.

Outlook 2015
Truong said that next year he expected brands to focus increasingly on control, transparency, and executing video advertising campaigns that reach the right audiences and deliver significant brand lift.

“We believe 2015 will be a banner year for programmatic video as brands seek to reach untapped digital audiences and brands and agencies import skills into the region,” Mr Truong said.

“Savvy brands are already planning, buying and executing their video campaigns via programmatic software, and the opportunity to reach audiences through the clever use of data is significant,” Mr Truong added.

Shubhi Tandon

Shubhi Tandon is the Assistant Editor at Digital Market Asia. Fascinated by the evolving digital media industry, she has focussed on tracking developments in the Asia Pacific market since 2014.