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Google launches store visits measurement in Singapore

Google has launched store visits measurement in Singapore, a technology designed to help businesses understand the offline effects of their online advertising campaigns.

When people are trying to find a local business, they often turn to Google for help. In fact, nearly one-third of all mobile searches are related to location. To help consumers decide where to go, marketers are using innovations like location extensions and local inventory ads to promote nearby stores.

Google introduced store visits measurement back in 2014 to give advertisers deeper insight into consumer journeys that start online and end in a physical business location. “In under three years, advertisers around the world have measured over five billion store visits using AdWords. We’re excited to announce that store visits measurement is now available to advertisers in Singapore, the third country in Asia-Pacific to launch the technology after Japan and Australia. Only Google has the mapping and machine learning technology to help businesses measure store visits with the highest degree of precision and accuracy. This is also done in a secure and privacy-safe way without sharing any personal location information at an individual level. Store visits are calculated based on aggregated and anonymized data from users who opt in to activate Location History,” the company’s statement highlighted.

Store visits measurement is currently available for Search, Shopping and Display campaigns. Soon, this technology will also be available for YouTube TrueView campaigns to measure the impact of video ads on foot traffic to stores.

Advertisers like Japan’s Seven & i Holdings Co., Ltd., Isetan Mitsukoshi and Honda Australia are using store visits insights to get a more complete view of how their online campaigns drive business results, including offline performance that takes place in stores.

Stephanie Davis, Country Director, Google Singapore said, “Bridging the gap between the online and offline worlds is a crucial step for retailers to understand the full value of their digital investments. But it’s not an easy task. Starting from today, businesses in Singapore can use Google’s industry-leading technology to accurately measure the impact of their online advertising campaigns on in-store sales.”