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Google Play app downloads 85% higher than iOS

  • Smartphone penetration in emerging mkts below 30%
  • iOS app store revenues 70% higher than Google Play store's in Q2 2015

Google Play download continued to pull away from iOS in Q2 2015, all thanks to the smartphone ownership growth in emerging markets. At the same time, the iOS app store’s performance in China helped it maintain its revenue lead over Google Play.

Google Play’s downloads worldwide in Q2 2015 were approximately 85 per cent higher than on the iOS app store, a significant increase from the 70 per cent gap in the previous quarter – Q1 2015. Emerging markets – Brazil, India, and Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam and the Philippines fuelled Google Play’s performance in the quarter. This appears to be the result of increasing smartphone ownership caused by the influx of inexpensive and capable Android devices in the market.

However, it is worth noting that smartphone penetration remains below 30 per cent in many of these countries, leaving significant room for growth. This bodes well for Google Play’s long-term growth prospects.

Meanwhile, iOS app store worldwide revenue in Q2 2015 was about 70 per cent higher than Google Play’s, mirroring Q1 2015. Interestingly, China surged ahead of US in iOS downloads and it also saw biggest quarterly sequential gain in revenue share in Q2 2015.