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Have great content? Make the most of it

New-age publishers are toying with innovative content models that offer more value to end users and set their cash registers ringing. It doesn’t come as a surprise, when content is evolving as a major source of income for them. By offering high-value content and a trove of inbound links, digital publishers can maximise the profitability of their websites.

Get ‘content-rich’
Among other content, blogs and user fora help attract a lot of traffic to your website because of their very design that lends itself for search engine optimisation (SEO). In addition, you can increase your revenue potential by targeting better advertising and promoting products. This is complemented by a centralised user profile, which creates a two-way communication for greater Average Return per User (ARPU). Advertisements on the RSS feed optimise the chances of the content being read by your site visitors and valued for its true worth.

Online directories are another useful resource that plays a critical role in assuring profitability. As they are rich in content and highly organised, directories improve a website’s relevancy and drive a significant amount of prequalified traffic. Licensing your content to others creates opportunities to increase revenue and improve business, thereby boosting profitability. You can also employ paid data collections, surveys and optimising 404 pages for making the most out of content.

Leverage your images
One of the latest trends in this regard is monetising images. It is proving to be an excellent way of getting more relevant advertisements on your website. Considering the way users consume content, images are more likely to generate interest than random, generic advertising. In-image advertising adheres to a simple logic that the more visual a space, the more eyeballs it guarantees. Publishers, however, have to ensure relevancy, whether targeting or contextual.

In-image advertising helps increase audience and engagement through overlays. Some popular publishers are using image ad platforms to serve up overlays on images already on a publisher’s site, using just a single line of code embedded onto an image. It is proven beyond doubt that in-image adds value to the site. It can drive serious engagement and advertising value to the publisher and user.

The Washington Times started placing advertisements over images since last November. It runs about 100,000 images per month with ads, which is only a fraction of all the images displayed on the site. The publication runs these ads only on entertainment photos. It has started realising the potential of the model almost at once, with it generating more income in a short span while increasing audience engagement significantly.

Win with videos
Apart from images, video content is another model that publishers can leverage for their topline growth. A vast majority of media publishers consider videos as a great tool for building their brand online. Online videos fit seamlessly into people’s social media feeds, offering them the kind of content that initiates conversation and piques their curiosity. In order to successfully pull it off, you should keep them relevant to your user demographics and interests.

As videos have become increasingly important on the Web, publishers should implement cutting-edge video delivery mechanisms that enable them to serve content across new media, including Web, mobile, tablets and handheld devices. You can serve video content seamlessly along with your primary content for better stickiness and earnings.

Online publishers in the United Kingdom have witnessed a 20 per cent leap in revenue generated through online video according to the Association of Online Publishers (AOP) and Deloitte’s Q4 Digital Publishers Revenue Index Report. This is a remarkable increase from the previous quarter, which only saw a 3.4 per cent growth in online video.

The upswing in online video revenues is in line with the findings from ZenithOptimedia’s annual media study, which credited the channel for driving global ad spend to digital last year and predicts bigger gains over the next few years as advertisers pull budgets from TV.

Priyali Hooda

Priyali Hooda is the Senior Product Manager and Digital Media Consultant at KREATIO.