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Hong Kong gets Asia’s first socially networked trading portal

Imagine being able to make most of your investments from online trading while discussing the best options with a group of smart investors real time. That’s what Hong Kong based 8 Securities is making possible with its online trading portal www.8securities.com. The new portal is easy to use, customizable platform with a wide array of apps.  The trading platform will include an integrated social network function so that users can exchange ideas and track trends with a community of smart investors, while choosing to retrieve real time data, news, and research on different markets through a single view.

This is a first in Asia. Talking about this innovative idea, Mathias Helleu, the executive chairman of 8 Securities said, “This is the first real innovation in online trading for more than a decade. The introduction of a new investment tool that we call ‘Social Analysis’ is a milestone in the development of online trading.  The platform is initially being launched for trading in Hong Kong and US markets, but has been developed to become a truly global platform over time.  We look forward to bringing investors a simple, personalized, transparent and socially connected online trading experience.”

8 Securities had appointed TBWAHong Kong to handle the design, production and development of the prospect site, and has been working closely with 8 Securities since the inception of their business idea. “8 Securities embodies TBWA’s core beliefs of disrupting conventions. We are delighted to partner with such an innovative company and look forward to seeing them grow from strength to strength,” said Joanne Lao, Managing Director at TBWAHong Kong. The innovative online Trading Portal has continued to receive international accreditations for its success in changing the face of online trading prior to its official debut.

According to the company, 8 Securities was a finalist in the TechCrunch Disrupt Beijing Awards 2011 and was named a Top 5 Startup in Asia 2011 by Amazon Web Services. 8 Securities has also been well received at home in Hong Kong.  In the Battle of the Apps II held in Hong Kong in mid-December 2011, 8 Securities’ Trading Portal was voted by industry practitioners as the “Top App” from 12 finalists.