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How Berrybenka & Sociomantic used programmatic to grow sales

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Indonesian fashion and beauty e-commerce retailer, Berrybenka, launched a multi-device programmatic display strategy in order to reach its customers and prospects with personalised ads, with the goal of driving digital sales on its mobile and desktop properties.

With an eye on becoming Indonesia’s market leader in fashion e-commerce, Berrybenka aimed to increase its market share by increasing purchases from new website visitors, as well as engaging with previous customers to drive repeat purchases and deepen loyalty.

The key challenge for Berrybenka was to find a sustainable means for bringing back visitors of its mobile and desktop websites to complete purchases after leaving the site, to do so at a sustainable marketing cost and to do so in a way that helped to drive long-term loyalty with existing customers.

The e-commerce website tied up with Sociomantic to leverage its programmatic display platform to get its market share up.

With this move, Berrybenka was able to segment its mobile and desktop visitors into ‘new’ and ‘existing’ customers in real-time, making it possible to define unique media buying and messaging strategies for each segment.

For programmatic buying, Berrybenka used Sociomantic’s proprietary real-time bidder to distinguish new and existing customers from the pool of Berrybenka website visitors on both mobile and desktop. The bidder works by analysing user profiles in real time, alongside streams of Berrybenka’s own shop and product data, in order to determine the perfect price to bid for each ad impression in real-time auctions.

Each bid is optimised to help Berrybenka reach its target audience while meeting pre-defined cost-per-sale goals for each segment. A dedicated loyalty campaign made it possible for Berrybenka to set separate targets for existing customers versus new-to-site visitors.

In order to deliver personalised ads for the impressions that were purchased, Berrybenka leveraged Sociomantic’s dynamic creative optimisation (DCO) engine, making it possible for each ad to display personalised product recommendations for each of Berrybenka’s website visitors. These personalised ads helped Berrybenka to drive more clicks and conversions across devices.

In the measurement period of 90 days, Sociomantic’s personalised display ads delivered 25.6 per cent of Berrybenka’s total desktop sales, and drove a 7.4 per cent increase in sales on the mobile site. Overall, a high ROI was achieved.

“Sociomantic’s commitment to cost-effective display campaigns has proven to be very valuable in increasing our sales, enhancing loyalty among our customers and helping us to maintain our market-leader position,” said Jason Lamuda, CEO of Berrybenka.

Rohit Kumar, Managing Director APAC of Sociomantic also commented on the cooperation saying, “It’s a pleasure for Sociomantic to service Berrybenka and explore the possibilities that our technology can achieve, especially in the realm of mobile. We are eager to grow incremental revenue even further for them through this partnership.”

Shubhi Tandon

Shubhi Tandon is the Assistant Editor at Digital Market Asia. Fascinated by the evolving digital media industry, she has focussed on tracking developments in the Asia Pacific market since 2014.