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How G2000 refashioned its brand perception to attract Gen 2

The corporate apparel brand from Singapore, G2000, was looking to attract more millennial consumers and tasked Starcom Singapore to help them. With the new workforce’s evolving perception of success, there is the rise of ‘Gen 2’ who have an unprecedented focus on aligning work to values dear to their hearts, and are unafraid of walking on unconventional paths to success.

As a brand closely associated to traditional concepts of success, G2000 was challenged to communicate its relevancy of longstanding class and quality to Gen 2. Through this campaign, it looks towards refashioning its brand perception as one that supports this generation in adding value to what they do and believe in, as they ‘Work For Values’.

In recognition of Gen 2’s value-driven spirit, G2000 celebrated and shared their success stories in going off the beaten track. Through a collaboration with Straitstimes.com, a series of three one-minute videos each featuring a unique cause were hosted on the site. The first video features Nicholas Ng, co-founder of Foodbank, who strives to support less-privileged families while reducing food waste in Singapore. The next video features Patricia Tanuwijaya, who gave up her high paying job in a Big 4 firm to follow her dreams of starting a floral business. The series ends with a feature of Kendra Liew, who left her job in law to establish her own organic cosmetics brand.

Explaining the concept behind the campaign, Valerie Chua, Manager, Starcom Singapore said, “Gen 2 is an emerging and unique segment of consumers who define success in their own ways. We aim to re-position G2000 as a brand that supports this generation by celebrating and sharing stories of their achievements.”

Traffic was driven through native ad units in the site, and amplified through being shared on the SPH Brand Insider Facebook page and subsequently, re-shared by the featured individuals. Below-the-line efforts followed, which included direct mails to G2000 members, and workshops conducted by Ms Tanuwijaya and Ms Liew in the brand’s flagship store.

The series of video content resonated with the Gen 2 audience, who responded positively and generated 607 likes/loves on Facebook. Many went further to tag their friends and comments such as “so relatable”, “so relevant”, and “follow your heart” were left. Overall, the videos reached over 200,000 social media users and chalked up more than 20,000 video views.

Shubhi Tandon

Shubhi Tandon is the Assistant Editor at Digital Market Asia. Fascinated by the evolving digital media industry, she has focussed on tracking developments in the Asia Pacific market since 2014.