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How Temasek revived SG’s classical songs

The National Arts Council (NAC) and Temasek Holdings wanted to demonstrate how they are enabling more young people to reach their artistic goals.

Singapore experienced a music renaissance in the ‘60s with bands like The Quests. Today, Singapore is experiencing a similar music renaissance with artists such as Charlie Lim, Dru Chen, Joie Tan, Shak’thiya and so many others.

Working from the insight that the average Singaporean doesn’t know Singapore’s rich music history, Zeno Group conceptualised The Great Singapore Replay (TGSR), a platform that helped Singaporeans gain a better appreciation of Singapore’s music history by re-imagining classic songs from the country’s past.

Debuted as part of Noise Singapore, TGSR enabled the discovery of Singapore’s musical heritage and its talents of today. This was achieved through collaborations between established and emerging local artists as they attempted to remake a classic song through their own lens.

To propel the appreciation and awareness of Singapore’s contemporary music scene, members of the public voted for their favourite classic hits from a curated list of 25 popular songs from the 1960s to 2000s. Votes were cast on The Great Singapore Replay jukebox placed around Singapore, and the top 10 songs that received the most number of votes were then remade by ten pairs of emerging and established artists, such as .gif, Shak’thiya, Charlie Lim and Sara Wee, who worked together to give each chosen song a fresh spin.

The songs were assigned to each pair based on the musicality of the songs and genres of the artist pairings. The teams had ten weeks to remake their song, with their process captured in eight episodes on the TGSR website for the public to follow and be part of the remaking process.

Each creative collaboration was featured in 10 weekly episodes on the TGSR website for the public to follow and be part of the remaking process. The authentic, unscripted story of every artist partnership was also shared on the website through a series of online content and articles.

The campaign culminated in The Great Singapore Replay showcase, bringing the community and generations together in a celebration of Singapore’s rich music past, present and future.

Over 6,400 concert goers attended the final showcase, and TGSR birthed 10 new classic Singapore hits, with a combined total of 1 million video views and over 4 million impressions.

The website achieved a low bounce rate of just 7.69 per cent and an average time spent per session of one minute and 23 seconds.

The awareness of Temasek community efforts increased by 144 per cent among Singaporeans.

Melanie Clancy, Executive Creative Director at Zeno Singapore said, “In today’s marketing landscape, there has been a massive shift from what brands say, to what they do. What you read about them, to what you experience, from stating values to living them through our actions. The Great Singapore Replay helped Temasek position themselves as youth enablers in the most powerful way possible – by proving it.”