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How to tackle the omni-focussed consumer with technology

With the evolution of technology and the rise in the multi-device consumer in India, it has become imperative for brands in India to have presence across all platforms. Marketing pundits reiterate the sentiment that companies with no online presence will seize to exist in the Indian marketing environment. It is the short-sightedness of the brand that shy away from active social media marketing activities or online participation.

To ensure the online and the offline platform of a brand work in harmony, integration of technology into marketing strategies of the brand is crucial. Brands must be in a position to fetch the benefits of digital marketing into their daily marketing activities. Gradually, India is emerging as hub for digital-led marketing.

Mayank Singh, Head of ecommerce at Dominos India emphasised on the power of data in marketing and explained its importance for a food industry company. “Data is critical and we integrate it in our various segments,” he said. Data sourced through offline operations is not sufficient but online data garnered through mobile and web has lead to deeper insights about the consumer such as his visits to rival platforms, frequency, preferred time slots, etc. “Such information will help the brand design its strategy better,” Mr Singh pointed.

Inefficient implementation of marketing plans may lead to technology playing spoilsport for a large number of players in the industry. As many as 80 per cent of Information technology executives from the Asia Pacific region have attributed low sales to slow websites in the ecommerce universe. According to a research by Dyn, loss in revenue of such companies is linked to their poor internet performance.

Companies placed to take advantage of the digital services such as geo-tagging, focussed targeting, programmatic buying, social media marketing,  etc will benefits from technology, believe market experts. The availability of user-based information allows the marketer to design sharply targeted strategies with minimum spillage which justify the ROI.

Interestingly, like its western counterparts, India is emerging as a nation with brand conscious consumers, according to Alokedeep Singh, Head of ecommerce at Titan.“Companies in India are poised to take advantage of the ecommerce boom in the country. We are keen on creating engagement which is very importance and our relationship with the consumer is going to be more futuristic,” added Mr Singh.

Online marketing has become the buzzword but companies cannot run their online business in isolation. Companies in India will have to ensure that they keep their offline operations alive as enhanced experience is key to effective marketing, according to Gokul Gopalakrishnan, Head of India Business at Servion Global Solutions.