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HSBC launches innovative business exchange

In the age of innovation, businesses in Hong Kong look to thrive through the changes and stay ahead of the trend. “That’s why we strive to push the innovation boundary together with our customers,” HSBC said in a press statement.

HSBC, with the help of Grey Hong Kong, took the first step to enter into the ecosystem of innovative businesses. HSBC breaks through the stereotype of banks being reactive by taking a proactive approach in understanding and providing solutions that the new economy and businesses need.

The campaign, “Innovative Business Exchange,” introduces different core initiatives.

To show how HSBC has proactively supported the journeys of different InnoTech businesses, HSBC kicked off with a series of films. One film shows how GreenTomato has grown through innovation, from creating award-winning mobile apps to building a complete business ecosystem as an in-house startup accelerator.

Terence Chiu, Head of Commercial Banking Hong Kong, HSBC, spent half-a-day at GreenTomato to immerse himself into their business ecosystem. He also delivered goods with GOGOVAN’s Co-Founder and CEO – all while sharing and exchanging insights plus ideas along the way.

Furthermore, HSBC will be one of the first in the industry to deploy its Relationship Managers into co-working spaces to better connect with the businesses of tomorrow, and to provide tailored solutions and insights.

HSBC will be collaborating with The Wave, Campfire, and theDesk. There will be rooms in co-working spaces redesigned as HSBC hot desks, as well as a host of events and seminars.

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