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I-COM forms APAC board to help online measurement community

While there is an enormous growth in online media consumption across the region and increased appreciation of the critical role that data and measurement plays in digital advertising; but the diversity of Asia Pacific’s media landscape presents a variety of challenges for the online media measurement community.

To tackle this challenge, the International Conference on Online Media Measurement (I-COM), an industry backed international forum, has formed its Asia Pacific chapter. Emphasising this point, Andreas Cohen, chairman of I-COM said, “I-COM’s Asia Pacific Board will play a significant role in driving continued success of the region’s digital market space. We have been steadily building our network in Asia Pacific for some time and the establishment of the Board is an important step in further integrating the region into the global digital media management industry.”

The new I-COM Asia Pacific Board will be manned by the region’s most influential digital media and data thought leaders. Earlier this year the organisation had appointed Shashank Tripathi as the vice chair of the new Asia Pacific Board. Talking about the importance of a region soecific board for measurement Tripathi said, “As a region, Asia Pacific is in a very sweet spot. While the current allocation of ad spending in digital might be below other regions, this nascency could be an advantage for the industry moving forward. As a region, we are now in a position to learn from more mature regions, and how they have been able to use and utilize data. This presents a good opportunity for us to leapfrog the rest of the world in terms of industry practices and standards.”

Shashank Tripathi, vice chair, I-Com

The Asia Pacific Board will help the region play a more active role in driving online media measurement standards and best practices around the world. It will also facilitate closer international cooperation between the Asia Pacific’s digital data community and data champions from other parts of the world.  “I-COM recognizes the importance of creating a strong sense of community of supporters and advocates who can inspire innovation and excellence. The Board, along with the I-COM Summits in Rome, will provide an ideal networking and learning platform from which industry players in Asia Pacific can use to catapult themselves to the next stage of development,” Cohen added.

In fact the 2012 I-COM Summits present an enormous opportunity for digital marketing professionals and organisations in Asia Pacific to gain insight from around the world to help propel their brands and the industry forward. I-COM’s Emerging Market Regions (EMR) Summit due to take place in Rome on October 14 and 15, 2012. With the theme, Leapfrogging Ahead, the Summit will address topics such as Addressing Emerging Market Measurement Challenges, The Rising Importance of Transnational Markets and choosing the right market approach to structure measurement. The inaugural EMR Summit will be integrated with I-COM’s biannual Global Summit, a gathering of the world’s preeminent digital data and measurement leaders, which runs from 15-18 October, 2012.

“The industry in Asia Pacific is diverse, fragmented and in some ways very unique. Kicking off our activity at the Emerging Markets Summit by I-COM in Rome this October, the Board will bring to air some of Asia Pacific’s own intrigues in the use of data, and allow representatives from the region to cross-pollinate ideas from LatAm, Central & Eastern Europe, Middle East, and Africa. The Summit will be a lot more than a networking goldmine. It is a fantastic learning opportunity as pretty much every attendee is by definition heavily and personally involved in finding innovating solutions to our common challenges,” said Tripathi.

The new I-COM Asia Pacific Board will serve as a catalyst to drive greater industry collaboration and set the direction and framework for media measurement in the region. It will tackle issues faced by the industry in the usage and mining of data. The Board will also provide a platform for international knowledge exchange and learning with an aim of partnering local industry on improving practices and standards related to measuring digital media effectiveness.