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IAB Australia forms Regulatory Affairs Council to manage new age advertising

The tremendous growth in interactive advertising, and the ever changing advertising technologies and consumer behaviour means that it is not always easy to decide the right and wrong of new age advertising. To settle that IAB Australia has established a Regulatory Affairs Council. The Council brings together the regulatory representatives from key member organisations to develop and advocate policy positions on a range of key areas including privacy, data, and advertiser, platform and intermediary liability issues.

“The global advertising industry is undergoing extraordinary change in consumer behaviour fuelled by technology. Sustaining the explosive growth in interactive advertising, whilst educating consumers about the value to them of these evolving technologies and devices is arguably IAB’s greatest challenge and greatest opportunity. So this is the perfect time for the IAB to develop a Council that addresses regulatory affairs issues due to the significant growth and change in the industry,” said Paul Fisher, CEO, IAB Australia.

The Council will be chaired by the newly appointed director of Regulatory Affairs, Samantha Yorke. The Regulatory Affairs Council is the fifth IAB Council and will join IAB Australia’s Mobile Advertising Council launched in 2011 and the Measurement Council; Standards and Guidelines Council; and Research Council, all of which were launched in early 2009.

The newly launched Council has already held three meetings to discuss issues such as the Privacy Bill and online behavioural advertising self-regulation, as well as intermediary issues such as the ASB Facebook ruling. “Forming this Council is a critical step in developing the strong regulatory framework within the IAB.  It is a privilege to be working with the best regulatory minds in online advertising on some of the most pressing privacy and data related issues facing the industry,” added Yorke. Participation in the Council is by invitation only.

According to Yorke, the Regulatory Affairs Council is collaborating locally with the Australian Association of National Advertisers, the Communications Council, the Association for Data Driven Marketing and Advertising and other key regulatory affairs industry bodies. Besides that it looks to  leverage IAB Australia’s membership of and access to the global IAB community and call upon the experience and resources of the US, UK and European IAB Councils.