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IAB Australia launches digital workflow guidelines

To help brands and marketers follow best practices when devising their digital marketing strategies, Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Australia has brought out the Digital Workflow Guidelines. It outlines the recommended best practice workflow for digital campaigns. The Digital Workflow Guidelines will be made available to all in the industry via the IAB Australia website.  Resources available include a presentation deck and posters for stakeholders to print and place near their workstations to help reinforce the guidelines on a day to day basis. 

On these guidelines, IAB Australia CEO Paul Fisher said, “Our aim is to create greater efficiencies for digital businesses and to fill the current education gap in all parties involved in the development of digital campaigns.  As digital continues to shift closer to the heart of all advertising campaigns, the Guidelines will provide an essential role overview for those in the offline industry and those who are new or unfamiliar with the digital industry.” They highlight the relevant roles and responsibilities of the key stakeholders involved and recommend procedures and timelines to help achieve success.

The Guidelines were developed by IAB’s Standards and Guidelines Council with representation from the Media Federation Australia (MFA) and The Communications Council (TCC). The Digital Workflow guidelines were developed following feedback from the industry.  Council contributors included CBS Interactive, Fairfax Media, Google, Media Federation Australia (MFA), MediaMind, Mi9, Network 10, News Australia Sales, News Digital Media, REA Media, Telstra Advertising Network, The Communications Council (TCC) and Yahoo!7. According Fisher, the Guidelines are expected to be incorporated within various educational courses including those offered by NGen.

The Guidelines will help those involved in the development of digital campaign – from advertisers, through to creative and media agencies as well as publishers – to produce more effective campaigns and to breakdown roadblocks in the campaign process, the IAB Australia statement said.