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IBM, GE amongst top brands driving engagement on LinkedIn

The most engaging brands on LinkedIn recognise the opportunity to do more than recruiting. These brands are using LinkedIn to share brand marketing, company values, and product updates, with potential partners, investors, and customers; and going beyond job postings. In a study carried by data analytics firm, Simply Measured, IBM and GE feature amongst the top brands driving engagement on LinkedIn.

Of the Interbrand Top 100 Brands, 88 per cent have LinkedIn company accounts. Most use LinkedIn for recruiting; 78 per cent shared job postings. However, 55 per cent of brands are also using LinkedIn to share company updates to drive engagement on company pages.

According to the study, IBM has emerged as the top brand with maximum – 6,052 – number of engagements. IBM shares relevant industry articles to engage computing professionals.

At No 2 is GE, which has 4,966 engagements, and consistently provides engaging visual content to connect with users.

At No 3 is Microsoft with 4,705 total engagements; engaging users with product marketing and recruiting content.

L-Oreal Paris at No 4, makes marketing the brand its primary focus, rather than recruiting on LinkedIn. It has a totatl engagement score of 3,445.

At No 5, with 3,108 total engagements is Siemens, which highlights how its technologies are used worldwide to excite tech professionals.

Besides sharing product updates and job postings, HP also posts career development related stuff targeted at IT pros. HP, which has 1,206,152 followers had a total engagement score of 2,870 and stood at No 6 in the study.

While recruiting remained the primary focus for Disney on LinkedIn, it also posted stuff related to fun and brand related content on LinkedIn. At No 7, Disney’s total engagement score was 2,749.

At No 8 was Citibank, with 2,136 engagements. It catered to Job seekers by sharing career development info and financial news.

At No 9, is Oracle, which promotes its online communities and professional business solutions on LinkedIn. It had a total engagement score of 1,973.

At No 10, Nike seeks to draw talent by sharing how its building the brand and its latest products. The brand had a total engagement score of 1, 552. However, when it comes to followers, while No 1 IBM also has higher number of followers (1,227,381) as compared to Nike’s 293,708.