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There is a future of integrating CRM with social & create new advtg channels: Scott Hagedorn

Scott Hagedorn, Annalect

Omnicom Media Group announced an interesting partnership in June 2013, when it brought Salesforce Marketing Cloud, a CRM company, at the core of its social marketing services. The deal, unprecedented for the media holding company, has got many senior Omnicom APAC officials thrilled for the opportunities it brings for the region. At present, the alliance has happened through Annalect, a division of Omnicom Media Group. However, according to Scott Hagedorn, CEO, Annalect, the endeavour would be to eventually spin off the alliance into a SBU (special business unit) with its own identity that highlights its purpose.

In a conversation with DMA, Hagedorn stated, “This is a first of its kind integration of enterprise marketing practice with an agency practice. The potential is huge and we want to ensure we are tapping it fully.”

The association is going to see Hagedorn visit key APAC markets such as Singapore, India and China to rollout various programs developed under the alliance.

Annalect looks to leverage Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s industry products – social listening with Salesforce Radian6, publishing with Salesforce Buddy Media and advertising with Salesforce Social.com – to ensure that data and insights play an essential role in the overall integrated planning and activation cycle for Omnicom Media Group’s 5,000 clients in more than 100 countries.

“One of the big reasons behind this deal is that we wanted to start integrating our technology in a way where we could bring together our services with something non-competitive and beneficial to clients. I see a future where we are able to integrate CRM data with social data. The wall that has existed between brands and direct response or between acquisition and CRM or content versus advertising is gone and in the process has created a single virtual ecosystem. Therein is the opportunity that we look to realise through this alliance,” explained Hagedorn.

Omnicom Media Group is specifically excited about the Salesforce deal in the APAC marketplace. “Many of our clients globally have already adopted the outcome of this deal. We have the ability to now scale up programs. When we start selling these in Singapore, India and China, Salesforce would begin lead generations and create new ways of connecting with customers. I see the birth of a new advertising channel,” Hagedorn said.

On the solutions and analytics front, while Annalect is already using Salesforce technology, the company expects to manifest its own digital analytics tools within Salesforce in the next three to four months. The agency’s clients can then access all tools as part of their workflow.

While the deal initially appeared to benefit marketers in the retail space or companies that benefit most from direct response, Hagedorn divulged that Salesforce clients list was much broader. He said, “I was initially surprised to see that a significant number of Salesforce clients where companies that I assumed to be just brands and not into managing customer relationship. But many of these are actually heavy investors in CRM. The fidelity between a customer and a brand, and how marketing plays a part in that, is a whole new thing, which is both amazing and exciting at the same time.”