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Income tells travellers to ‘play it safe’

It’s hard to get people excited about travel insurance as it’s a cluttered and promotion-driven industry. With the ambition of standing out and getting people to take notice, Income needed to challenge the conventional approach to travel insurance communications and remind people to “Play it Safe” in a fun and memorable way.

Working with creative agency BBH Singapore and Google, Income combined technology and creative storytelling to develop five hundred stories of “misadventure”, each one personalised for distinct audiences based on their travel destinations.
With the help of YouTube’s new Director Mix technology, Income used dynamically-created six-second stories to promote their travel insurance products.

This combination of technology and creative storytelling is proving effective with the campaign already beating industry benchmarks by 50 per cent in brand recall and yielding a 55 per cent increase in branded search traffic.

Said Marcus Chew, Chief Marketing Officer, Income, “This is an exciting collaboration for us. It proves how mindshare can be achieved in an engaging way that is relevant and timely to consumers when we partner the best technology partner with an amazing creative Partner”.

Said Stephanie Davis, Country Director, Google Singapore,“To reach key audiences on YouTube, Income and their agency BBH integrated creative storytelling with YouTube Director Mix’s technology to create tailored ads for different audiences. “Play it Safe” is a bold and inventive campaign that serves as an inspiration to many. We look forward to helping marketers islandwide better reach their audiences using the latest technology.”

Said Avril Chua, Art Director, BBH Singapore, “We wanted the execution to reflect a combination of technology, data and the idea. Rather than using genetic pre-roll messages that people would usually skip, we created infinite targeted permutations tailored to the viewer. In a category dominated by promo-based offers, we took the fun route and created these customised travel misadventures that hopefully made pre-roll ads more entertaining to watch.”